Qoo10 Customer Review

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Qoo10 Customer Review

Qoo10 Customer Review for Ovulation and Pregnancy Kits.

Thank you for the positive comments for the past months on the Ovulation and Pregnancy Kits!!
In return, we had lower our price further with FREE GIFTS!!

10pcs Ovulation kit (FREE 1pc Pregnancy kit) @ $5.90
20pcs Ovulation kit (FREE 3pcs Pregnancy kit + 5 urine cups) $11.80
30pcs Ovulation kit (FREE 5pcs Pregnancy kit + 10 urine cups + 1 predictor chart) @ $17.70

10pcs Pregnancy kit (FREE 1pc Ovulation kit) @ $5.90
20pcs Pregnancy kit (FREE 3pcs Ovulation kit + 5 urine cups) @ $11.80
30pcs Pregnancy kit (FREE 5pcs Ovulation kit + 10 urine cups + 1 predictor chart) @ $17.70

We provide same day delivery, Singpost Normal Mail takes 3-5 days to reach you.

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